Nobody doubts the potential of the mobile Internet in an increasingly interconnected world, with a wide range of mobile applications, aimed at individuals, professionals and companies, which have been introduced into our daily lives as tools for work and leisure. In a sector that is vital for our country, such as agriculture, the implementation of the mobile Internet and the use of specialized applications, it can be a way to improve productivity, streamline management with suppliers and consumers and optimize available resources. Although it should be noted that, unfortunately, the supply of applications aimed at these professionals in agriculture is more scarce than in other countries such as the United States and the United States, here are some interesting applications for the sector.

– App of the IVIA (Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research), with all the information on pests and diseases of citrus fruits.
– CultivApp, free field notebook with product databases, possibility of contacting other technicians or farmers and registration of treatments.
– Midemaps, to measure plots.
– Plantcare Pro, a tool that allows you to instantly know the products authorized for each pest and crop, whether conventional or ecological agriculture.
– New Agroguia, helps small and medium farmers to control the work of the land they make with the tractor.
– iHuerting, guide on different crops and has alerts to perform treatments at the right time.
– Fert cost calc, it helps to know the final cost of the subscriber process.

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