GRUPO GESTIRIEGO, in its eagerness to innovate and manufacture the most advanced irrigation systems that exist, launches the CINDRIP and CINTAPE irrigation tapes to the market, although they are still in the phase of introduction, the customers who have trusted in these products are very satisfied with the results.

We also have the range of tape accessories suitable for CINDRIP and CINTAPE.



Irrigation tape with turbulent dropper pill.

Cindrip is a revolutionary pipe of great quality-price, thanks to its thin wall, which incorporates in its interior turbine type emitters of turbulent regime and of great precision in the flow.

Characteristics / Benefits:

  • Large labyrinth turbulent flow emitters, ultrasonic welding, materials of the highest quality are used for its manufacture, which guarantees the quality of the product.
  • Emitter with a Cv (2%) that guarantees performance and uniformity for your plants and reliability for you.
  • Wide range of thicknesses, flows and spacing of emitter, in various diameters 17mm and 23mm
  • Offers design flexibility for almost any planting need.
  • Savings in installation and maintenance costs


  • Ideal for crops such as tomatoes, peppers, grapes, melons, potatoes and other crops in rows for both shallow and shallow underground.


Watering tape with turbulent labyrinth dropper.

Cintape is ideal for irrigation in open fields and protected crops. The flat dropper, welded to the inner wall of the tape, increases the uniformity of emission and eliminates the possibility of sedimentation.

Characteristics / Benefits:

  • Flexibility to increase and decrease the flow without sacrificing uniformity
  • Exceptional coupling with a type of pressure reducing channel (patented).
  • High resistance to clogging of double internal filters. • Wide range of spacing between drippers (20 and 30 cm) -without additional cost- which allows greater precision and flexibility in the design of your system.
  • Low energy cost due to low pressure
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