Do you know what type of crop is shown in the image?

It is basil, a plant native to India where miraculous properties were attributed to it, its scientific name is Ocinum Basilicum.

Currently it is grown in all countries of the planet. It is an annual herbaceous plant, can reach up to 60 cm in height. The basil is leafy, with green leaves and soft to the touch. It is a highly aromatic plant that forms white flowers of small size.

Why grow basil?

It presents many qualities that make it very attractive to be cultivated.
Between them:

Deal with depression.

Diuretic plant.

It is digestive. People with insomnia problems, headaches or migraines.

It serves as a stimulant for phases of exhaustion.

Soothes skin irritations.

Fight acne.

Sedative, healing and analgesic.

The active components are the aromatic essential oil and its tonic-gastric, antiseptic and expectorant properties.

Relieves sinusitis by using it vaporized in water. Relieve congestion of the breast with basil leaves with honey and lemon.

It is very digestive, helps correct gastrointestinal disorders It has a great use in the kitchen as it is an aromatic plant, combining it with salads, soups … Also a very important aspect is that it scares insects and prevents the appearance of pests in your garden.

Conditions of their cultivation:

Temperature: this type of crop, such as basil, is grown in warm weather so it does not withstand extreme cold or frost. its ideal temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees.

Soil: requires fertile soils, humid and sheltered from the winds.

Irrigation: as we have described previously, it needs wet soils but not waterlogged, because its roots do not support excess moisture. It requires a regular irrigation but in abundance it is harmful. Depending on the terrain and climate in which the basil is grown, it is advisable to water it 1 to 3 times a week. The most advisable is to use a drip irrigation and thus maintain a degree of humidity in the soil.

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Below we attach the image of the basil crop that they send us from Gestiriego Islands.

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