Different irrigation systems in greenhouses

  • Micro sprinklers Among the most popular are the micro sprinklers which have a range of about 2 meters, depending on the pressure of the type of nozzle used. There are emerging micro sprinklers that are the ones that, when they open the passage of the water, leave from the ground, and when the passage of the same one is closed they go back inside. Another type of sprinklers are the mobiles that are placed at the end of the hose and move from one place to another.
    The system of irrigation in greenhouses by micro sprinklers is preferable for the sandy textures since they cover more surface and it is ideal for the irrigation of roses, small flowers and small areas.
  • Irrigation with diffusers In the case of irrigation systems in greenhouses with diffusers, we say that these accessories are similar to sprinklers and are used for irrigation in narrower areas; usually the water pressure will depend on the step that is given to it since this model has a kind of screw at the end of its nozzle that regulates it manually.
  • Underground irrigation The irrigation system in underground greenhouses is the method most used in these days. This irrigation system treats of perforations in the pipes that are buried to a certain depth, more or less between 10 and 50 CMS. This will depend on whether the soil is more clay or sandy. One of the advantages of this irrigation system is that by not being exposed to the air it produces a smaller loss of water.
  • Irrigation with hose The system of irrigation in greenhouses through the use of the hose is not very advisable for greenhouses since being a manual system the person in charge must dedicate a lot of time to this activity, in addition, an optimum uniformity is never achieved because water falls in some places more than in others.
    If a hose is going to be used, it is necessary to take into account those manufactured with some material that does not bend because the folds or folds interrupt the passage of water and hinder the mobility of the individual.

Most Used System for Irrigation of Greenhouses

Drip irrigation This system of irrigation in greenhouses is used to locate the water at the foot of each plant. There are two models, integrated and button. The first ones are in the same pipe, while the button ones are applied in the pipe. This irrigation system in greenhouses has the advantage of saving large amounts of water and also maintains a constant level of humidity in the soil without causing puddles or water stagnation. Also using this system you can use saline water since the saline water provides extra water to wash the salts in much deeper areas going below the roots. It also allows the application of dissolved fertilizers that go directly to the plant; In this irrigation system a good filtering is necessary.

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