FAME INNOWA, Fair of Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness of the Mediterranean.

Gestiriego was present last May in ifepa, fair FAME INNOWA, Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Fair of the Mediterranean, our commitment was to put farmers in contact with the latest developments in the sector, the result of our scientific research and technological development.

This event, which has changed its name and orientation, was born with an international vocation and with the aim of becoming the ideal platform to exhibit the best innovation in the agricultural sector, based on the pillars of the company, production, knowledge, research and promotion in the agricultural sector. The leading companies in agricultural technology have met at national and international level “, to present the latest technical advances and the latest developments that are applied in all agricultural processes, in an increasingly global and competitive sector .

The presentation of this fair was chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Water, Adela Martínez-Cachá, accompanied by the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Business and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, as well as the Mayor of Torre Pacheco, and President of IFEPA , Josefa Marín Otón, and the Director of the Fair Institution, Antonio Miras Morente.

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