Ring and mesh filters

At Gestiriego we have the firm belief that the most important and essential element in a drip irrigation installation is filtration.

In order to be able to work at an extraordinary level of demand, a free installation of seals is required both in the control, protection and measurement elements, as well as in the emitting drippers.

Therefore, in the following post we briefly explain what are the ring and mesh filters, manual and automatic.


Ring filters have the same use as mesh filters, although their operating principles are different. In this type of filter, the filtering element is a cartridge of slotted rings that press each other, allowing the water to pass through, but retaining particles larger than the slots.

This type of filter is known to have operational problems when the main contaminant is sand, because the sand tends to lodge in the discs during the backwash. These problems can also occur when there is presence of fibrous algae. That is why it is recommended to locate them after a hydrocyclone or sand filter in the case of ground or surface water.

The physical filtration through rings is carried out by retaining the solids in suspension of the water in the channels originated by the superposition of a set of rings, mounted in a high security structure. The channels of the rings have the capacity to perform deep filtration.

Ring filters are classified as: automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

Classification of ring filters

Manual filters: Consists of a pack of rings compressed by a screw. This pack of rings in the filtering process gets dirty and there comes a time when you have to open the filter, remove the rings and clean them manually.

Automatic filters:
They consist of a ring cartridge compressed by a piston, electrovalve, wash programmer, etc. As it filters it becomes dirty and a pressure loss is created between the input and the output of the filter, this is detected through a differential pressure switch that gives the signal to trigger the automatic washing process.

The choice of manual or automatic equipment depends on many different factors:

When the amount of suspended matter in the water to be filtered is such that it is necessary to clean the filter before finishing a watering shift, insolation of an aromatic system is recommended.

In irrigation systems with large flow rates where it is necessary to install a large number of filters and manual cleaning is very laborious, it is advisable to install automatic filters.

The initial investment is a factor to be taken into account since the automatic equipment has a higher value than the manual ones.

Advantages of ring filters     

  • They are good with both mineral and organic particles.     
  • The rings are quite resistant so it is not very usual to have to change them.     
  • Manual cleaning is quite simple.In Gestiriego we present the MXFILTER filters, plastic ring filter, which due to its characteristics, give farmers and installers a wide range of possibilities in application and handling, facilitating their adaptation to irrigation heads. Click here to learn about this ring filter.



This type of filters have the function of carrying out a superficial sieving of the water, retaining the particles that have a larger size than the holes of the mesh. They are usually used in water that is not too dirty or as safety elements after hydrocyclones, fertigation equipment or sand filters, which are increasingly used less due to their costly maintenance.

The mesh filters are specially indicated to retain the particles of mineral origin since all the organic that has a more fibrous structure easily slips through the orifices of the same.

There are manual, semi-automatic and automatic mesh filters. The manuals are quite robust and their assembly and disassembly are very simple, although this changes as they are being automated, since they include elements that hinder these operations.

In the manuals, it is necessary to remove the cartridge and wash it with water under pressure, and if necessary, with the help of a brush to clean it manually, it is recommended to immerse the cartridge periodically in an acidic solution, which is capable of completely eliminating the remains trapped in it. mesh.
As in the case of the rings, we recommend having a spare cartridge, which allows us to replace the dirty one with another one that has been previously cleaned, “without hurry”.

The semiautomatics, also called centrifuges, taking advantage of the centrifugal effect that is conferred to the flow of water, by means of a perforated plate housed in the entrance of the filter, they manage to maintain part of the mesh clean.
As an option, a purge valve can be installed. It is essential that, in this type of filter, the combination of plugs to be placed in the baffle plate is strictly adjusted to what the manufacturer indicated because, otherwise, the cleaning effect by centrifugation would cease to be effective.


  • It is very effective with particles of mineral origin.
  • They are cheaper than those of rings, especially in large volumes

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