The performance of water networks in a drip irrigation installation is of vital importance, that is why at GESTIRIEGO we use the best materials and our certified products guarantee the best quality.   Below we detail the characteristics of our main pipes.

CARSYSTEM 100 and CARSYSTEM 40: Carsystem PE100 and P40 polyethylene pipes are excellent for all types of drinking water, industrial and wastewater pipelines.

– 100% RESISTANT They present a sensational resistance to impact and internal pressure, with a wide range of diameters and nominal working pressures. At the same time, they have a great capacity to absorb pressure elevations and vibrations caused by the movement of the ground, which gives a long life.

– TOTAL QUALITY Equipped with the AENOR product certificate, the tubes are classified as suitable for food use, for drinking water supply, complying with the Sanitary Technical regulation, according to R.D. 2207/95 R.D. 1425/88.

– LOSS OF ALMOST NONEXISTENT LOAD Thanks to its completely smooth interior surface.   – EASY INSTALLATION Easy installation and handling thanks to the flexibility of the material, which allows adaptation to difficult terrain. In addition, there is a wide variety of accessories in the market for this type of pipe, with the possibility of pipe-tube joints by means of butt welding or with an electrofusion fitting.

– APPLICATIONS Carsystem 100: Pressure networks for drinking water, and agriculture: main lines. Carsystem 40: Networks and connections to pressure of potable water, and in agriculture: highly recommended as pipe portaramales, due to the ease of making connections punctured   ECOCAR: Ecocar is our line of pressure pipes, manufactured in low density PE and for agricultural use.

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