– We have a wide range of programmers both electric and batteries.
– Models capable of controlling from 1 to 24 stations.
– Possibility of programming up to 4 daily activations.
– Cyclic risks.
– Configuration of the outputs independently.
– Models in fully watertight batteries to work in the open.


– Versatile and highly durable programmers ideal for large gardens, public gardens, roundabouts, soccer fields and other sports venues, as well as domestic gardens.
– Because of its possibility of independent programming of the outputs, it allows the automation of small agricultural installations.

Technical data

– 4 starts per station.
– Weekly cycles or intervals.
– Watering time from 1 minute to 12 hours and from 5 seconds to 12 hours.
– Irrigation cycle of 1 min. to 30 days.
– Power supply through 2 or 4 alkaline batteries.

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