Valle del Jerte, in Cáceres, Spain, is one of the main cherry producing areas in the Iberian Peninsula.

The modernization and the varietal reconversion that has been carried out in the last years, has supposed a step to more intensive systems with new varieties and less vigorous patterns, as well as the application of the irrigation, contributing to that the agriculture has happened to be an activity that demand significant amounts of water.

The efficient use of water and its efficient and equitable management in mountain areas such as Valle del Jerte, where water restrictions have never existed, but currently agriculture exerts a strong pressure on water resources, it is necessary to study water strategies. irrigation optimizing the sustainable use of this resource. In arid and semi-arid zones, where the conjunction of water scarcity and poor quality is frequent, localized irrigation systems are having a large expansion in relation to surface waterings, especially due to their high efficiency of application (saving water), which is undoubtedly necessary and essential in the Jerte Valley area.

To this advantage we must add many others, such as:
– Ease to achieve greater uniformity of distribution
– Better planning and operation of the plantation
– Greater automation and less need for labor
– Fertilization more efficient
– Limits the proliferation of weeds So that this greater profitability of the drip irrigation can take place, it is necessary to start from a correct design, both agronomic and hydraulic.


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