For a long time ago, agriculture has ceased to be a purely artisanal task to become one of the main economic activities in the world. Thanks to new technologies it is possible to develop a high precision and quality agriculture. Currently, the need to obtain information requires greater speed and accuracy, in order to make projections and plans that help improve resources such as water.

Telemetry is remote measurement of different types of measuring equipment, whether analog or digital, making the total availability of all its measurement and control variables possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It allows to centralize all measurements and controls of different equipment in a single platform; which would help to carry out studies for decision making, planning projects or improvement tasks in the services. Apart from telemetry, which allows live data to be available, telecontrol can be achieved with the use of the same electronic devices; that would allow controlling, for example, valves, gates, motors, generator sets, etc.

These solutions help protect and protect essential resources, such as water and energy, as well as help lower maintenance costs due to the prevention it offers. It also allows saving personnel and mobility, especially if the controlled equipment is in remote areas or difficult to access.

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