GESTIRIEGO has a wide range of accessories for micro irrigation, which meet the needs of our customers both in farms and gardens. Below we detail the accessories, as well as their characteristics.


GTR Orange is, without a doubt, the best range of existing accessories for the union of microirrigation pipes, in diameter of 16 and 20mm., Which provides an extraordinary security to the union, dispensing with the traditional safety ring.


– Extensive range of safety union accessories for micro-irrigation pipes.

– Its design and manufacture with precision molds make the pieces have very sharp areas, which guarantee the perfect fixed to the pipe and tightness, giving rise to a reliable union of 100%.

– Easy installation that directly affects savings in time and labor.

– Ideal for installation of underground irrigation thanks to the great resistance to traction they provide.

– Manufactured in plastic materials resistant to chemical products, usually used in agriculture.


GTR Security is an accessory for micro-irrigation pipes with a diameter of 16mm. provided with safety ring to guarantee the union. characteristics
– Complete range of accessories for D16 microirrigation pipes, normally used in drip irrigation, whose particularity is a safety ring made of material of great hardness (acetal), which produces a highly secure coupling.


Accessory GTR Tape is an accessory especially suitable for tapes with dropper pill in D16mm. and D17mm. with thicknesses up to 12 mill.


– Accessory provided with a compression ring that makes a closure on the outside of the tape compressing it against a conical body.

– Due to the dimensions of the ring and the conical body, they make this accessory ideal for tapes with dropper in D16mm and D17mm.

– Very fast and simple installation, which affects the installation time.

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