The olive tree has been one of the trees traditionally cultivated under rainfed conditions in our country, but due to the value of olive oil, a considerable number of hectares have been irrigated and the expansion of irrigation is expected to continue. to the considerable increase in production.
In dry land a production of about 25 kg / tree can be estimated while in irrigation we can obtain an average of 75 kg / tree with maximums of 250 kg / tree.
With drip irrigation, the greatest water savings are achieved, since losses due to evaporation and runoff are reduced. Erosion damages also decrease in sloping soils, and a good homogeneity in the application of water to trees is achieved, provided that the system is cleaned regularly and properly cared for.

Another important advantage of drip irrigation is that it allows the application of diluted fertilizers in irrigation water, a practice known as fertigation.
In fact, this is an almost obligatory practice if a drip irrigation system is available, due to the advantages it presents. The management of fertigation can be done automatically, through irrigation controllers.
It treats of electronic devices that program easily and that control the irrigation and the application of fertilizantes of automatic form.
In young plantations that are drip irrigated from the beginning you can see the entry into production very soon which allows to quickly recover the investment made. The installation of underground drip irrigation greatly facilitates the work of harvesting.

The pipeline pipes are buried 20 to 40 cm deep. It is possible to use self-compensating punctured dropper of 4 liters / hour located at 1 m. Between drippers and two lines per tree line 60 cm from the tree line.

To the punctured dropper a micro tube can be put in the end to take out to the surface the drop and to avoid the possible obstructions by suction.

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