PC AQUARIUM: Self-compensating punctured dropper.

Self-compensating dripper created by Gestiriego, of incredible precision and with very wide water passages. One of the most fascinating features is its ease to be disassembled, which allows a simple and quick cleaning.


  • Easily removable, allowing easy cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning at low pressure, minimizing obturation problems to the maximum.
  • It has a silicone membrane inside, which provides 100% uniformity in its flow at different working pressures.
  • Manufactured in high performance materials, resistant to chemical products used in agriculture. SPECIFICATIONS:
  • Class A dripper, high uniformity.
  • Working pressure from 0.5 to 3 bars.
  • For its use, the dropper is punctured in the micro-irrigation pipe and, in addition, it has a 3x5mm microtube adapter.
  • Differentiation of nominal flows through layers of different colors. • The number of drippers can be extended, if larger quantities of water and nutrients are needed.


  • All types of citrus.
  • Trees in general, such as deciduous trees.
  • Greenhouses and nurseries.
  • Gardening, both in parks and public areas, and private.
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