Each farm is different and profitability is often conditioned by external factors such as prices of crops, inputs or weather. However, there are 6 common characteristics of the most profitable farms:

  1. Take the reins: just having an accountant or advisor for the field notebook is not enough. The most profitable farmers know their exploitation well and do not leave it completely in the hands of another.
  2. They have a plan: these farmers have a future plan to improve agronomically (productivity) and economically (margins and production costs).
  3. They know their numbers: the best farms invest time and money in tools to control their exploitation. They focus on the crops and activities that make them earn more.
  4. They are proactive: they move forward and look for ways to improve slow and manual processes.
  5. They use data to make decisions: they keep track of the activities carried out, yields obtained, costs … They know that to be increasingly profitable, you have to control production costs to the cent.
  6. Passion: they have a motivated and passionate team. Making a good product and leaving customers happy is basic to success. The most profitable farmers, in addition to being good in the field, are thanks to knowing their numbers very well and making decisions that make them earn more money.
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