Regarding the line of self-compensating integrated drippers, in Gestiriego we have a wide range to meet the specific needs demanded by the market. In this article, we want to make a special mention to our “star brands” TERRAM AND STARCOMP.

TERRAM Terram undoubtedly represents the future of irrigation, which is underground irrigation, because it provides savings of up to 40% water added to its maximum durability. This provides the exact amount of water, nutrients and agrochemicals that your crop needs, directly at the root of the plant.

Thanks to Terram we can say that to speak of underground irrigation is to speak only of advantages. In an underground irrigation system, as its name suggests, it is characterized by the placement of irrigation lines or drip laterals underground in the area of ​​greatest root activity.

After four years of research and more than eight years of experience in various crops, with more than satisfactory results, we can say that Terram is the definitive solution to the underground irrigation systems.
This incorporates a double protection system that solves the two most serious problems that arise in an underground drip irrigation system, which are possible obstructions of the emitter caused by the roots of the crop itself and by the suction of soil particles.
On the other hand, it also incorporates an anti-siphon or anti-siphon system, which guarantees that at the time of installation stoppage and when the pipes are emptied, no aspiration of soil particles will occur through the dropper emission point, avoiding clogging
Apart from its membrane system for self-compensation of flow, it has a self-cleaning effect that is produced by the vibration of the membrane, preventing the incrustation of particles inside the emitter.


Adaptable to all types of crops and gardening: olive groves, citrus, alfalfa, asparagus, cotton, corn, soy, sugar cane, vineyards, almonds, peach trees, grass, etc.

Key aspects of TERRAM:

  1. The most advanced underground irrigation technology in existence.
  2. Incredible SAVINGS of up to 40% of water and nutrients.
  3. Revolutionary anti-root system.
  4. Innovative anti-suction system.
  5. 100% uniform flow.
  6. Created for the most demanding farmers.

STARCOMP (Self-compensating and ultra-precision anti-suction).

Starmcomp, thanks to its silicone membrane incorporated in the dropper, regulates and maintains the uniformity of the flow, in variable inlet pressures.
Which allows to increase the length of the irrigation lines, as well as its implantation in terrains of difficult topography.

Key aspects of STARCOMP
1. Extraordinarily resistant
2. Self-compensating
3. Innovative anti-suction system
4. 100% uniform flow

Applications: Fields with long laying lengths. Facilities with complicated and irregular topographies.
All kinds of crops in the open field and greenhouses that need maximum precision in their fertigation. I grow as a vineyard, olive grove and all kinds of fruit trees.

Application in gardening.

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