STARCOMP DROPS (Self-compensating and ultrapreciso antisucción).


The Starcomp dropper is integrated into the pipe, giving it maximum resistance against UV radiation and temperature changes. Being made of high quality polyethylene, it perfectly supports all types of impact and pressures that may occur in the work.
Its silicone membrane is also totally resistant to chemicals and fertilizers.

Thanks to its silicone membrane, the Starcomp dripper always provides the same amount of water and nutrients at working pressures from 0.8 to 3.5 bar. This allows to increase the length of the irrigation lines, as well as their implantation in terrains of difficult topography. Issuer of category A with a CV <5%.


Its powerful antisucción system prevents the entrance of particles to the interior of the emitter at the moment of emptying of the pipes. Its revolutionary self-cleaning process means that, at the moment of self-compensation, a vibration occurs in the membrane that prevents the sedimentation of particles in it. Labyrinths of wide steps of millimeter precision, designed to work with standard filtering systems, thus neutralizing the possibilities of obstruction.

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