Summer is approaching and in Gestiriego we want to influence the types of crops that start in summer or close to this time of year.

What can be grown in summer in Spain?

  • Chard: In temperate zones they can be grown throughout the year, and in cold areas from March. It is a very rustic plant, it does not need much care, simply fertilized soil and regular watering. You can collect the leaves and leave the bush to continue growing and continue collecting.
    Adequate climatology: Being a quite rustic crop it adapts well to all types of climates, although it prefers Mediterranean climates where the frosts are not excessively strong. If you want to plant it in climates with intense frost you should protect it from these. Care: It needs a lot of watering and it is convenient to apply the technique of padding to avoid losing moisture. It is also necessary to pay it superficially every 2 months at least. Its main plague is the aphids of the chard that attacks its leaves appearing in these brown spots.
    Collection: After three months we can start cutting its leaves, which is the part of the plant that is used, although we can also consume the leaves of it. Associations of favorable crops. Beans, carrots, radishes and turnips.

  • Celery: It is a large plant, which can reach 50-60 cm. of height, so we can grow it if we have enough space. It is a multi-year plant. And their water needs are regular irrigations, and substrates well paid.

  • Eggplant: It is the solanácea that requires more temperature to germinate and to develop the fruits. It also needs direct sun to bear fruit. You need containers of at least 30 cm. of depth, because it is a plant that reaches at least 70 cm. Tall.

  • Broccoli: It is convenient to grow it in the spring, because with high temperatures it spikes quickly. However, it tolerates the shadow well even though it needs light. And it requires a wide space because it can reach 40 cm. Tall.

Pumpkin: Although it is a vegetable that begins to consume at the end of September, its long period of growth makes planting begin in the spring. Its cultivation is similar to that of the zucchini, although it does not need so many nutrients. However, their branches become very long, but because they are vines, they can be tied up so that they occupy less space.

  • Onion: There are many varieties, since they adapt to all climates. Its cultivation is a bit delicate, and although it is a bulb, it is necessary to make planters to be able to protect them and take better care of them. Onions are not very voracious, so they do not require a substrate with many nutrients, and do not need much irrigation, or much space. We can grow them among other crops.

  • Lettuce: it is one of the star crops, there are many varieties, and do not require much space. Its best season for cultivation is spring and autumn, with a lot of heat they spike right away, but if we want to grow lettuces in summer we can buy varieties that withstand the heat, for example the variety “maravilla”. It is a very simple crop, we just have to take into account that you have to make planters. And being a leafy vegetable they like watering, but without excess. If they run out of water the leaves become hard and bitter.

  • Melon: If we have a lot of space we can try to grow melon. You can start planting from April. There are many varieties. They like well-fertilized lands and regular irrigations, and a lot of sun. Also its branches grow much between 1 or 2 m., Like the pumpkin.

  • Tomato: another star crop, starting in February we can now make seedbeds. There are many varieties, and it is very interesting to grow those varieties that are traditional in our area. Its requirements to be a solanaceous are a land rich in nutrients, abundant water and plenty of sun.

Cultivating in summer is an excellent option to increase the productivity of your garden or garden, whatever your size. If you know how to choose what you are going to cultivate, you can make the most of it despite the high temperatures. Any time of the year is good for planning the crops we want to grow in our garden. Growing in summer is an excellent way to get fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers and practically anything that can be planted with a seed.


What products do you need for these crops? Our clients always ask us about advice for each type of crop , What irrigation tape or pipe is more suitable? What distance between droppers? What flow? You can use from irrigation tapes that have a lower cost to microirrigation pipes with a little more cost but with more resistance. For example irrigation tape is used in multi-year crops, it is also a system that goes consolidating more and more in the market, due to its low price and its usefulness, since it is destined for a harvest campaign, so that when this is finished, it is evicted from the land, and the land can be re-worked to prepare the next harvest, without having to pick up the pipeline for the next campaign.

Esta posibilidad hace que la tubería, con un espesor de pared bajo, sea más económica que una convencional, y pueda cumplir su función con las mismas garantías.

Irrigation tapes are intended for use in seasonal crops, horticultural crops, greenhouses, nurseries …

In Gestiriego we have CINDRIP and CINTAPE.

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  1. sergio estevao
    sergio estevao says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Our Organization is starting a logistic and distribution business, but before moving in we did a market research and found that farmers lack technical financial and technical support. Therefore, the company made a decision to help them by acquiring farming material such as irrigation system, greenhouses and walk in coolers. And also train farmers on how to plant better and increase production.

    Am writing from Angola, a country in subsaharan Africa.

    Thus, the organization objective is to increase production and yields before acquisition of products.

    Best Regards.

    • Andrea Alcaraz
      Andrea Alcaraz says:

      Dear Sergio,

      We find your project very interesting.
      We would like to help you in achieving the objectives of your organization, therefore, do not hesitate to contact our company through the contact form that you can find on our website. Our team will be happy to help and guide you.



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