Its function is to stir to obtain a homogeneous mixture inside the tank, in addition to oxygenate the formula guaranteeing the dissolution thanks to the great turbulence created, the air is evenly distributed in fine bubbles throughout the tank. They are ideal in homogenization rafts and tanks for drip irrigation.
They are used in agricultural holdings: drip and sprinkler irrigation, and in industrial facilities: water treatment, osmosis equipment, etc.

• 5.5 AMP engine.
• 1500 Kw.
• 50 Hz.
• INOX filter included.
• Voltage 220V.
• Type of operation: 40 sec. every 5 minutes.
• Removed flow: 5000 – 8000 liters.
• The turbines can be single-phase or three-phase electric motor with 220/440 industrial high performance.
• In turbines of discontinuous use 2 cv. and single-phase motor of 1500 kW.

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