The turbulent drippers are indicated for crops in areas without slopes or smooth slopes.
In Gestiriego, we have a wide variety of turbulent drippers that are backed by an experience of more than 30 years.


Integrated turbulent dripper, with maximum resistance to sealing, which provides a perfectly uniform flow.

  • INSTALLATION INCREDIBLY EASY. Thanks to its uniformity, Cardrip allows a great length of laterals, facilitating the process of design and installation, as well as the extension and collection in the plots.
  • PRECISION FREE OF OBTURATION. Water enters the emitter through two large pre-filters with 10 slots. This geometry prevents the penetration of sediments inside the labyrinth.


Latest generation emitting pipe, manufactured with short cylindrical dripper of 34 mm in length and with a pipe thickness of 0.90 mm.

  • PRECISION FREE OF OBTURATION. The union of a cylindrical emitter of reduced dimensions together with a greater internal passage of the pipe, thanks to the 0.90 mm of thickness, reduces the losses of load in the side allowing thus greater lengths of line. The water enters the emitter through a wide pre-filter, which prevents the penetration of sediments inside the labyrinth. The uniform flow of the emitter is given thanks to a labyrinth with wide passages and long route, obtaining a great resistance to the obturation.
  • SENSATIONAL DURABILITY. The Ceodrip pipe is manufactured in low density polyethylene, with ultraviolet anti-radiation protection, ensuring a long life in difficult environments and resistant to fertilizers and chemicals used in agriculture.


The pipeline with interline dripper has a demonstrated reliability throughout its 30 years in which it is being used by our farmers. It also has an excellent emission uniformity and a very high resistance to sealing.

  • INSERTED. Dripper inserted mechanically in irrigation pipes with diameters in 12mm and 16mm. In addition, you have the possibility to remove and insert the transmitters manually again.
  • ZERO OBTURATIONS. Due to the great relationship between the minimum labyrinth pitch and the maximum opening of the prefilter, the possibility of sealing is minimized.


Cindrip is a revolutionary pipe of great quality-price, thanks to its thin wall, which incorporates in its interior turbine type emitters of turbulent regime and of great precision in the flow.

  • INCREDIBLY COMPETITIVE, GREAT RESULTS. It incorporates a dropper-type dropper with a high uniformity of emission and great resistance to clogging. Thanks to its ultra efficient design, it has a coefficient of variation (CV) of less than 2%.
    Due to the large internal passage and the low load loss, caused by the emitters, it allows us to increase the line lengths, facilitating the design of the installations. Its format in compact coils of great quantity of meters facilitates the transport and handling of the product, providing an unbeatable advantage. Wide range of thicknesses, emitter flow rates and spacing thereof, giving great flexibility for design in any type of crop.
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