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Automatic irrigation systems

Control of irrigation and crop performance
Automatic filtration enables the self-cleaning process to be activated completely autonomously. This operating mode makes long operations possible without staffing costs or interruptions, since its operation does not depend on the availability of human staff. This enables cost savings, the optimisation of water resources and time, enabling the irrigation process to be managed from anywhere and regardless of the time schedule.

Automatic irrigation control

In agriculture, irrigation control is a crucial task in order to guarantee a healthy and productive crop. Over time, technology has advanced in the field of agricultural irrigation. Nowadays there are automatic options that enable greater control and efficiency in the use of water. In this respect, automatic irrigation control is a vital tool for farmers.
Automatic irrigation control consists of a system which automates the irrigation proess, enabling crops to receive the appropriate amount of water at the right time. The operating of the system is based on measuring the soil moisture, which guarantees an efficient use of water and reduces the loss of resources.

One of the main benefits of automatic irrigation control is the optimsation of the use of water, which translates into cost savings and increased efficiency in the irrigation itself. This system also contributes to the conservation of the environment, since it reduces the amount of water wasted and prevents the over-exploitation of water resources.

Another significant advantage of automatic irrigation control is the ease of use and flexibility it offers farmers. Modern automatic irrigation control systems are intuitive and easy to programme, enabling farmers to adjust the quantity and frequency of irrigation according to the needs of each crop.

Automatic irrigation control can also be integrated with other agricultural management systems, such as weather monitoring, the application of fertilisers and pesticides, enabling crops to be managed more efficiently and comprehensively.

At Gestiriego, we offer a variety of automatic irrigation control systems, tailored to the needs of each farmer and crop. Our products are high quality and offer a guarantee of optimum performance and durability.

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Controllers for Automatic Irrigation Systems

Garden controller

A wide range of irrigation controllers for professional and domestic gardening, and for small agricultural irrigation systems…

PX electric valves with controller

High performance and durability valves, with reinforced polyamide casing and an efficient design. They are extremely robust…

Gestiriego Solenoid

Direct acting GTR electric valve
• Voltage 24V, 12V.
• Aluminium, brass body.
• Viton and EPDM coil gasket.

Aquaplus Solenoid

Automatic irrigation systems provide substanital advantages:


Optimisation and efficiency of resources. Savings in labour and energy.


Increased productivity, increasing the performance and quality of the crops, through a better control of the irrigation parameters.


Reduction in time invested in work needed to look after the farm.


Reduction in maintenance costs.


Capacity to adapt to the topography, design and distribution of the system.


Frequencies, times and independent schedules can be adjusted for each irrigation circuit.

Agricultural automatic irrigation system: Parameters to bear in mind when choosing the controller model

> Crop surface

> Zoning of crops on our farm.

*For example, the irrigation controller for a graden won’t have the same characteristics as an irrigation controller for a farm; just as a farm growing various crops will require an irrigation controller capable of controlling several crop areas.

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