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Providing global solutions for high performance agriculture since 1985. The GESTIRIEGO GROUP is formed by a large network of international offices and distributors all over the world, with its central headquarters in Spain. Our priority is to offer farmers the highest performance of their crops with maximum efficiency irrigation systems, contributing to the sustainability of the environment.

Irrigation systems

Professional agricultural irrigation systems

Innovation, development and manufacture of the most advanced irrigation systems

Our offer consists of 14 families of agricultural irrigation products that cover all of the needs of an agricultural drip irrigation system.

We have all of the elements needed to create “The Water Pathway”, with a comprehensive catalogue of more than 2000 items for professional irrigation

Our locations

Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Mexico and Chile.

Gestiriego worldwide.1


Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands

Our main heaquarters are located in Spain, we have been committed to efficient and sustainable agriculture since 1985, committing to innovation and excellence in all of our irrigation systems. Committing to internationalisation and creating subsidiaries in strategic parts of the world.


Canary Islands

In 2003, we opened our first location in Tenerife (Canary Islands), a 750 metre squared warehouse. In 2022, we opened our second location in Tenerife, the third in the archipelago, with another 1,000 m2, covering the overall demand from the north to the south of the island.



In 2008, we opened the first logistics distribution warehouse in the centre of the state of Querétaro (Mexico) and in 2015 we opened a second location in Culiacán. Currently, our main branch is located in the south of Santiago de Querétaro, in a warehouse of more than 2000 m2.



In 2001, we opened our first location in Chile with a strategic distribution warehouse to provide a regular service. In 2008, we moved our facilities near to Santiago de Chile airport, occupying a 5000 m2 warehouse to guarantee the stock demanded.

Featured irrigation systems

Featured products

The best materiales de riego.


Oron irrigation filters

Thanks to their automatic cleaning equipment with a hydraulic system of suction nozzles, ORON filters do not need to interrupt…
filter heads

3-way automatic heads

The MX FILTER automatic heads are modular pieces of equipment that can be adapted to any work flow, with the option of choosing between units…
double effect aire release valves


GTR AIR RELEASE VALVES are the lungs that keep our system in perfect condition, managing the air that resides inside it…

Starcomp Neo Ø16 / Pared 1 mm

STARCOMP NEO, thanks to its silicone membrane incorporated into the dripper, it regulates and maintains the uniformity…


Products for efficient irrigation

Professional irrigation equipment

Gestiriego products are made for professional hands. We offer the agricultural sector a catalogue of more than 2000 irrigation products as a solid base for people to place their trust in us and choose us.


The best and most advanced precision filter systems for irrigation.



Fertigation systems to guarante the efficiency and sustainability of crops.


Automatic irrigation systems

Automatic irrigation systems to guarantee savings and efficiency.

Irrigation air release valves

The best irrigation air release valves for optimum performance.

Irrigation valves

The best hydraulic valves for agricultural irrigation systems.

Polyethylene pipes

Pressure pipes for irrigation systems made with Polyethylene.

Pipe accessories

Fast and easy assembly / disassembly polytehilene pipe accessories.

Drip irrigation

The best pipes and accessories for drip irrigation systems.

Drip irrigation

The best accessories for drip irrigation systems

Irrigation sprinklers

High precision localised sprinkler irrigation systems.


Irrigation tools

The best tools to optimise irrigation systems.

Irrigation kits

The best and most advanced drip irrigation kits for crops.

Gestiriego technical data sheets

Everything you need is in our catalogue.

We have a wide range of accessible irrigation products and systems for agriculture and the supply of water. Download our catalogue or access our technical data sheets to obtain more detailed information.

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carsystem logo

Quality, efficiency ad sustainability.

Polyethylene pipes for irrigation systems

Carsystem is the brand under which Gestiriego manufactures polyethylene pipes for irrigation systems and water supply. 30 years of experience in manufacturing guarantee our excellent quality and anticipation of the customer’s needs.

Within our agricultural line, we are specialists in manufacturing micro-irrigation and precision pipes. With the aim of complying with the highest quality standards, we hold the AENOR product certification for our P100 and P40 pipes for food use.

Drip irrigation specialists

Our goal is to ensure an optimum efficienty in the use of water and a higher profitability of your crops.

If you are a farmer and are looking for an efficient and precise irrigation system for your crops, drip irrigation is the ideal choice. And if you are looking for a leading company in the design, installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems in Spain, Gestiriego is the perfect choice.

At Gestiriego, we have a wealth of experience and a team of highly qualified professionals that will help you to obtain the maximum performance of your crops.

We offer a bespoke design tailored to your needs and characteristics, efficient and safe installations, high quality and advanced technology irrigation systems, preventive and corrective maintenance and a high quality technical assistance and customer support.

Drip irrigation can be used for a wide variety of crops, from vegetables, fruits, ornamental crops, to forestry plantations and vineyards. This method of irrigation enables a precise application of the water, reducing the loss of water to a minimum and optimising the use of water resources.

Drip irrigation can improve the quality and quantity of the harvest, reducing the consumption of energy and fertilisers, and reducing the environmental impact.

At Gestiriego, we understand the importance of drip irrigation for the success of your crops and we are committed to offering you the best irrigation systems and best customer service. If you are looking for an efficient and high quality drip irrigation system, don’t hestitate to contact us. We are here to help you to improve the profitability and sustainability of your crops.


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