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Drip irrigation accessories

The best drip irrigation accessories
Drip irrigation systems can be simple or complex, sectioned and spread accross an entire growing area; but in all cases, their efficiency lies in ensuring a constant and uniform supply of water at the appropriate point. Doing so doesn’t just require a good filtration system at the start of the installation or including air release valves for increased safety throughout the system. A correct design of the network is key in order for the whole system to work in optimal conditions.

Fertigation Products

Category: Drip irrigation accessories
The best products for Fertigation

Tape – tape connector

GESTIRIEGO’S micro-irrigation connectors and accessories are made in high performance technical plastic which guarantee…

Safety tape connector

This type of accessory is recommended for pipes with a diameter of 16 mm. Safety, speed and convenience in the installation.

Reducing connector

Recommended for 12, 16 and 20 mm pipes.

GTR shut-off valve

Recommended for 12, 16 and 20 mm pipes.

Advantages of drip irrigation accessories:

The fine details make the difference, which is why GESTIRIEGO offers the sector a series of accessories with a design and configuration to enable easy installation.

> High performance technical plastics.
> Technology designed with safety in mind.
> Wide range of models.
> Solutions for all needs.

You will find an extensive catalogue of micro-irrigation accessories designed with the highest quality standards and efficiency by our R+D+i Department with more than 20 years in the sector, and patented by Gestiriego.

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