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Drip irrigation pipes

The best drip irrigation Pipe accessories
Irrigation offers multiple benefits thanks to its water and nutrient supply system which is slow and localised to the plant. There are two ways of positioning the pipe, slightly buried or placed on the ground surface.

Notable advantages of this system include the reduction of pests because the plant doesn’t get wet; saving up to 60% of water compared to other irrigation techniques, in addition to improving the performance of work and resources in relation to the productivity of the land, provided high quality materials are used, like those you will find in our catalogue.1

Drip irrigation pipes

In modern agriculture, drip irrigation has become an extremely popular technique for growing all types of plants. This irrigation system is based on the use of special pipes that enable the precise distribution of the water accross the plants, guaranteeing an efficient irrigation and reducing the amount of water wasted.
Drip irrigation pipes are a key element in the drip irrigation system, since it is the pipe that enables the water to be distributed through emitters or drippers. These pipes are made with high quality materials, like low density polyethylene (LDPE) or cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), which provides excellent strength and durability.

The main advantages of drip irrigation piping include its easy installation and versatility. These pipes can be installed on all types of ground, including unveven or sloping ground, and adapt perfectly to the needs of each crop. In addition, its modular design enables the irrigation system to be expanded and adapted according to the needs of the crop.

Another significant advantage of drip irrigation piping is its capacity to reduce water consumption and costs associated with irrigation. Thanks to its design, the water is distributed directly to the plant roots, preventing evaporation and reducing water waste. This, in turn, means a saving of resources and higher efficiency in the irrigation.

At Gestiriego, we offer a wide variety of drip irrigation pipes, tailored to the needs of each crop and farmer. Our drip irrigation pipes offer an optimal performance and durability guarantee.

We have a team of specialists who will be able to advise you in choosing the most suitable irrigation system for your crops, bearing in mind factors such as the topography of the land, climate, soil type, and the water needs of the plants.

Featured drip irrigation pipes

Products Drip irrigation pipes
The best Drip irrigation pipes.
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Prodrip PC Ø16 / Wall 0.9 mm – Roll

Self-cleaing, pressure-compensating flat dripper with PC, PCND and PCAS options. The new pressure-compensating flat emitter…

Terram Neo Ø16 / Wall 1 mm

New anti-siphon pressure-compensating cylindrical dripper for underground irrigation with an anti-root system. TERRAM NEO represents the future…

Starcomp Neo Ø16 / Wall 1 mm

Emitter pipe with integrated pressure-compensating dripper (PC), self-cleaning and anti-siphon (AS). STARCOMP NEO, thanks to its silicone membrane…


Opendrip Ø16 / Wall 1 mm

Turbulent pipe with high resistance to obstruction. Our OPENDRIP dripper was created after researching the benefits in…

The use of micro-irrigation provides considerable advantages

> It saves between 40-60 % of water compared to other irrigation systems.
> Ease of carrying out fertigation.
> Reduction in the risk of disease.
> Reduction in labour, especially because of the reduction in weeds as the ground is not completely wet.
> Reduction in the use of plant-health products and fertilisers.
> Increase in productivity and quality of the crops.
> High frequency irrigation.
> Facilitates automation.
> It can be used on sloping ground.

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