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Strong commitment to internationalisation.

Our main head office is located in Librilla (Murcia), with subsidiaries in various parts of the world. Branches in the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Chile and Mexico. With a human team of more than 200 people and the latest technologies in our production lines.

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Nowadays, the GESTIRIEGO GROUP is formed by a large network of international branches and distributors all over the world, with a central headquarters in Spain and different Gestiriego branches in Chile, Mexico and the Canary Islands. This expansion enables us to gain an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of each region and a wide range of solutions tailored to different climate and crop conditions.1

Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands

Gestiriego Branches Spain

Main headquarters in Murcia

Since 1985, we have been leaders in high performance solutions for agriculture, committing to the innovation of products that provide the maximum efficiency possible. We have a central headquarters in Murcia (Spain) with a large international network of branches and distributors all over the world. At Gestiriego, we strive to offer innovative solutions that optimise the use of water and improve the efficiency and profitability of agricultural production. Our experience and knowledge of the sector enables us to offer a wide range of products, from drip irrigation systems and sprinkler systems to fertigation and control systems, always with the maximum quality and guarantee. If you require more information about our main headquarters in Murcia, don’t hesitate to visit our website.1

Canary Islands

Gestiriego Branches in the Canary Islands

Three branches Las Palmas, north Tenerife and south Tenerife.

We have our own production plant, with three manufacturing lines in Gran Canaria: two of pressure pipes and one of integrated drippers. And a 5000 square metre warehouse, with a large amount of stock of pipes and irrigation systems. 1

Together with the two branches in Tenerife (North and South) which guarantee a quick and efficient service throughout the Canary Islands, North African and Sub-Saharan African countries.

These branches are strategically situated in order to efficiently serve customers from the different islands of the archipelago. In them, we offer all types of products and services related to agricultural irrigation, from drip irrigation systems to fertigation and automation systems.

At Gestiriego Islas (Islands), our team of professionals specialise in tailoring irrigation systems to the particular needs of each crop and geographical area. If you require more information, visit our Canary Islands Branch section.


Gestiriego Branches Mexico

Two branches Santiago de Querétaro and Culiacán.

In 2008, the first branch was opened in the state of Querétaro, and another was opened in Culiacán in 2015. A strategic warehouse to serve the entire country.

Currently, we are situated in Santiago de Querétaro, in a warehouse stretching 2000 m².

In these branches, we offer high quality agricultural irrigation products and services, tailored to the needs and requirements of different crops and geographical areas of the country.

We have an extensive catalogue of products, from drip irrigation systems to fertigation and automation systems.

Our team in Mexico is highly qualified to advise and resolve any query or problem our customers may have. If you require more information about our branch in Mexico, visit our page.


Gestiriego Branches Chile

A branch in Santiago de Chile.

In 2001 Gestiriego began its international expansion in Chile with a strategic distribution warehouse to provide a regular service. Currently and, after being well received here, we are situated in Santiago de Chile, occupying a 5000 m2 warehouse to guarantee the stock in demand. At Gestiriego’s branch in Chile, we have experts working in the area of irrigation systems and products for agricultural irrigation, ready to advise customers on choosing the most suitable systems for their crops. If you require more information about our branches in Chile, don’t hestitate to visit our page, there you will find all of the details you need to contact our Chilean branch.1

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