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Filtration: a key phase in precision irrigation
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We have the best water filtration systems, a key phase in precision irrigation. The most advanced and efficient irrigation filters on the market: Automatic filters, ring filters, ring filtration equipment, self-cleaning filters. Committed to innovation and sustainability to offer the best water filtration technology for your crops.

Filters for agricultural irrigation

In agricultural irrigation, filters are a vital component of the irrigation system, since they retain the impurities present in the water, preventing them from accumulating in the pipes and transmitters.
Agricultural irrigation filters are designed to filter the irrigation water and ensure the water that reaches the crops is clean.° There are different types of agricultural irrigation filter, depending on the size and type of particles that need to be filtered. The most common ones include mesh and ring filters.

Mesh filters are the most widely used in agricultural irrigation. These filters have a stainless steel or plastic mesh which retains the large particles present in the water. Mesh can be changed easily, guaranteeing a longer use life of the filter.

Ring filters are devices used in agricultural systems to retain impurities present in the water. Their design consists of a series of cone-shaped rings which reduce in size as you move towards the centre of the filter, enabling the particles of different sizes to be retained more easily. The efficiency of the filter will depend on the size of the rings and the quantity of them used.

Filters for agricultural irrigation have numerous advantages, including their ability to guarantee an optimum quality of the irrigation water, which translates into increased irrigation efficiency and a reduction in the amount of water wasted. In addition, their use can prolong the use life of an irrigation system and reduce maintenance costs.

At Gestiriego, we have a wide variety of agricultural irrigation filters, of different sizes and materials, to tailor to the needs of each farmer and crop. All of our filters have a quality and efficiency guarantee which characterises our products, with the best brands on the market, such as Oron Filters, MxFilter Filters or Clean Water Filters.

We have a team of specialists who will advise you in choosing the most suitable filter for your irrigation system, bearing in mind factors such as the quality of the water, size of the irrigation system and specific needs of each crop.

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The best Irrigation filters.

Oron irrigation filters

Thanks to their automatic cleaning equipment with a hydraulic system of suction nozzles, ORON filters do not need to interrupt…

Automatic ring filters

The Clean Water automatic ring filter is a first-generation product, made specifically to make the farmer’s work easier…
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GESTIRIEGO is committed to innovation with MX FILTER ring filtration equpment, which is the definition of a new concept in systems…
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Controller for the automation of filter cleaning. Equipped with a differential pressure sensor, to manage cleaning…

«Did you know that for every hour of operation, between 1.5 and 2 kg of sand can build up in filters? Bearing in mind that the pollution load of the water is approx. 20 ppm and it operates with a flow of 100 m3/h.»

The filtration of the water that accesses the irrigation system of our farm is one of the most important and essential phases to ensure the rest of the system works properly.
If the filtration phase is planned and carried out correctly, the main benefit will be the increase in use life of the system. However, if the implementation or planning is incorrect or erroneous, or where not all factors have been taken into account, this may cause low quality, polluted water or water with the incorrect composition to access the irrigation system. This could cause us enormous problems.

Factors to bear in mind when choosing irrigation filters

rrigation filters are chosen in accordance with the quality or pollution load of a water source at the system’s point of entry (an important figure is the quantity of suspended solids, in other words, the size and concentration of particles).

To do so, it is necessary (and advisable) to carry out an analysis of the water quality in a laboratory, view the technification of equipment and the volume of water that needs to be filtered in line with the farm’s demand.

A vital aspect that we should not ignore is whether our irrigation system is linked to a fertigation system. If so, an irrigation filter is required (mesh or ring) immediately after the fertigation system in order to retain the precipitated salts that may have formed when the fertilisers mix with the water.

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