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Irrigation sprinklers

Sprinkler irrigation is a method of irrigation through which the water reaches the plants in the form of localised “rain”.

Both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems use devices to discharge the water through a pressurised system. The difference is in the magnitude of pressure required and the geometry of the emitter device.

Our irrigation sprinklers

Irrigation sprinklers are a vital tool for any farmer looking to implement an efficient irrigation system for their crops. At Gestiriego, we have a wide range of irrigation sprinklers that adapt to the needs of each farmer and crop.

Irrigation sprinklers offer a uniform and precise distribution of water on the crop, which leads to the irrigation being applied efficiently, reducing unnecessary waste of water and optimising the use of resources available.

On our website, you will be able to find different types and models of sprinkler kits and irrigation sprinklers, each with specific characteristics that adjust to the needs of each crop, enabling the irrigation solution to be tailored to each type of crop and surface.

The benefits of using our irrigation sprinklers include the ability to control the irrigation in a precise and uniform way, which translates into a higher productivity and quality of the crop. Additionally, our irrigation sprinklers are designed with high quality materials, which guarantees their durability and performance over time.

At Gestiriego, we have a team of agricultural irrigation specialists, who provide personalised advice to each of our customers. From choosing the most suitable irrigation sprinkler to the installation and maintenance of the irrigation system.

The use of irrigation sprinklers provides considerable advantages:

> The consumption of water is lower than the amount required for furrow or flood irrigation.
> It can be used easily on steep slopes.
> Water can be dosed with a good level of precision.
> It does not affect the plant material subject to irrigation, since it eliminates the pressure that the water may offer the plants.
> Since its distribution on plant material is homogeneous, sprinkler irrigation of vegetation is total and the water is distributed gently on the desired area.

Factors to bear in mind when choosing the sprinkler system:

> Water available.

> Crop associated.

> Source of energy (gravitational, electric, photovoltaic, fuel, etc).

> Type of land.

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