Terram undoubtedly represents the future of irrigation, which is underground irrigation. After four years of research and more than eight years of experience in various crops, with more than satisfactory results, we can say that Terram is the definitive solution to the underground irrigation systems. Below we detail the advantages derived from its use.
1. Saving of water and nutrients: the absence of solar radiation in the area of ​​water emission, completely eliminates the losses by superficial evaporation, apart the dose of nutrients is placed just where the plant needs it, since we speak of a watering ultralocalized.

  1. Avoid problems caused by diseases: cryptogamic diseases caused by waterlogging such as alternaria are avoided, as there is never excess moisture in the neck area of ​​the plant.
  2. Crop management: being an invisible system in the field, it allows us a free passage, especially in tasks such as pruning, harvesting, phytosanitary treatments, etc. This also does not extend the durability of the system, since it is impossible to damage the emitting pipes in said works.
  3. Reduction of manpower: the advantages of traditional drip irrigation are joined by the withdrawal and replacement of pipes originated by the usual work of a crop in production.
  4. Use of contaminated water: avoids the risk of human and animal contact with irrigation waters that can sometimes be harmful to health due to fertilizer loads and phytosanitary treatments that are usually carried out in irrigation.
  5. Greater durability of the system: by having the entire network of pipes underground, the degradation produced by UV rays in the plastic material is eliminated, as well as avoiding damages due to vandalism, rodents and inclement weather.
  6. Weed reduction: the non-wetting of the land surface largely prevents the proliferation of weeds, with consequent savings in labor and treatments to eradicate them.
  7. System security: the double protection system together with the extra elements such as the exhaustive placement of suction cups, flow meter and network system in closed circuit by means of collectors for cleaning the end of line, provides us with a guarantee and tranquility of the correct functioning of the system, avoiding worries at the time of contributing additional treatments against root manually.
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