Today we are going to talk about corn (scientific name Zea mays), a crop that is more than 7000 years old. Maize is one of the most important cereals in the world, as it is a nutritious element that is widely used in both human and animal food. Worldwide, it ranks third in importance among […]


Its fruit is the raw material for many products such as oil, milk, moisturizing cream… but it is used, above all, in pastries and to make nougat. Do you know which plant we are talking about this time? Yes, we are going to talk about the almond tree, a crop that is becoming increasingly important […]


The vine is one of the crops par excellence of our country. Its fruit, the grape, has great economic importance, either for direct consumption or for winemaking. In addition to being a fruit with a sweet and pleasant taste, it is a source of vitamins (provitamin A and vitamin C) and sugars that provide calories […]

Water with desalinated water. What do you need?

  Agronomic considerations to take into account woth the irrigation of eviction water   The search for the development of efficient techniques that reduce the obtaining of water has led to the production of fresh water from seawater, becoming an opportunity for agricultural production. The main advantage of desalination is that it is an inexhaustible […]

How to plan drip irrigation of a farm

If you want to undertake a planting project, you will ask yourself what are the first steps to follow to start it. Water is a determining factor for good plant development. It is true that depending on the type of plant one quantity of water or another is needed, but in any case it is […]

How to change the drip spray irrigation model?

At present, throughout the different agricultural areas of the world, there are numerous irrigation systems already in operation, which until now had been carrying out their work properly, but which are likely to be changed and updated or replaced by others ( as drip irrigation systems), which can try to help achieve water and energy […]

Coextruded and foamed multilayer pipes for drip irrigation

GESTIRIEGO has completed the project “MULTICAPE TUBERIAS COEXTRUIDAS Y ESPUMADAS PARA RIGO POR GOTEO” under the Order of 20 April 2015 of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation to promote research and development. With this project we will be able to take a competitive leap in the irrigation pipe manufacturing market, providing a […]


GESTIRIEGO has completed the execution of a project entitled “Design and development of floating elements of polymeric material for the covering of agricultural irrigation reservoirs” aimed at helping our customers to improve the competitiveness of their businesses while also seeking a rational use of resources water This project has the financial collaboration of the Institute […]


CARSYSTEM IRRIGATION, SL is in the development phase of a project titled “Artificial vision and telemanagement applied to the manufacture of elements and irrigation system”, under the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment of December 11 of 2015, destined to promote Innovation through the digital transformation of the industry of the […]


CARSYSTEM, the world leader in solutions for high performance agriculture, and specialists in innovation, development and manufacture of irrigation systems has successfully completed the project “DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A LEAN MANUFACTURING SYSTEM IN THE PRODUCTION LINES”. For the development of this project, it has had the financial collaboration of the Institute of Development of […]