GRUPO GESTIRIEGO launches its corporate video “A History with a Sustainable Future” in Spanish, English and French, as a tribute to all those who have made and make it possible for us to be among the leaders of solutions for high performance agriculture.

People who have inspired us in the past, people who make the present possible, and people who work day by day all over the world to achieve a sustainable future …

We want to thank all the workers of the Gestiriego Group (Gestiriego Mexico, Gestiriego Chile, Gestiriego Peru, Gestiriego Morocco, Gestiriego Canarias, Gestiriego Murcia and Grupo Fabrez Gestiriego), since without them it would not have been possible to make this video.

The objective of this project is to transmit the values ​​(quality, service, innovation, team work and customer orientation) that define the company, as well as who we are, what we do and why we do it, in order to generate greater knowledge of the activity of GRUPO GESTIRIEGO worldwide.

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