Miguel Ángel Botía is Managing Director of Gestiriego México and we have asked him some questions to know what is his current situation in the irrigation sector in Mexico.

* What is the potential of Gestiriego in Mexico?

When we speak of Mexico we speak of one of the countries with the most extension of the planet; that makes it a sea of ​​possibilities when it comes to exploiting agriculture; and if we add that Mexico is one of the main suppliers of fruit and vegetables from the US, it means that we find ourselves with a country with incalculable potential in terms of technified agriculture.

* What does Gestiriego offer that differentiates you from the competition?

One of the most important values ​​of the company is customer orientation, which is why it is one of the characteristics that sets us apart. In Gestiriego Mexico, we have a team of people very prepared to give the best service to our clients, and this is what we strive for day by day.

* What are your star products? Our flagship product is our Terram underground irrigation, with which we save our farmers up to 40% water and nutrients, in addition to countless other benefits. Another of the products that our customers demand most of us is the GTR suction cups, both double and triple effect.

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