Murcia, 2014

Practical aspects in the irrigation of citrus fruits

– In citrus, it is especially advisable to use soil moisture sensors, as well as dendrometers, which allow observing the response of the plant to water inputs. It is advisable to have at least one meteorological station in farms over 100 ha.

– Adequate choice of varieties: there are varieties that show a better adaptation to the edaphoclimatic environment than others, it is essential to know them in order to opt for their cultivation.

– Fixation of the dripper lines, to avoid their displacement by sprayers or by the collection personnel. Water should always be applied where the stabilized root system is located. The best system for this is the placement of galvanized wire forks, at least every 25 m of dripper line.

– Take advantage of the irrigation system for the fertilizer application, while the tree is active (from the beginning of March to the middle / end of October). The fertilizer must be applied during the entire vegetative period mentioned above, each time it is watered and proportional to the water applied.

– Continuous control of salinity and pH of irrigation water, provides data on the correct proportion of fertilizers applied and avoids accidents of overfertilization and contamination.

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